Additional training sessions will be available beginning July 20 and will remain accessible until October 20th 2020. On July 20 only, trainers will be hosting live Q&A for participants. Training sessions provided by Apple will be available only on dates listed.

Training for New CTE Administrators

Fee: $195

Presenter:  Mark Bosher, Traci Hendrix

Training for New Administrators is appropriate for CTE directors, coordinators and other staff responsible for CTE program decisions at the district level. This training is most useful for those with five years of experience or less. Participants will receive legislative updates and information necessary to implement and sustain effective CTE programs. Access to a virtual resource with electronic documents and related web links will be shared.

Training for Counselors: Graduation Requirements and CTE

Fee: $145

Presenter: Heather Huffaker

This workshop is designed for counselors new to CTE and/or those needing a refresher. Topics such as 4-year plans, special populations, PEIMS, accountability and understanding endorsement requirements are discussed. Understanding CTE courses and how they count for graduation requirements, the AAR, 7th and 8th grade requirements for PGPs, as well as legislative updates are also included.

Training for New CTE Teachers

Fee: $145

Presenter: Heather Blount, Rachel Behnke

If you are a teacher with three or fewer years of experience, this session is for you! Join us for an interactive and fun day where you can learn and refine skills in the areas of finding resources, lesson planning, classroom management, instructional strategies and CTE specific responsibilities. You'll walk away with lots of new ideas and techniques to fill your teaching arsenal! Content provided is best suited for newbie teachers, especially those who entered teaching as a second profession.

Apple Professional Learning: iPad in the CTE Classroom

Fee: $225 

Presenter: Apple Certified Trainer

Apple helps teachers ignite the creativity in every student with powerful products, tools, curricula, and inspiration. Join us to explore what’s possible with Apple technology in learning. Join Apple Education for a day of hands-on learning. Experience how iPad and powerful education apps can expand what’s possible for learning, create new opportunities for teaching, and establish dynamic environments that in-spire both. This session helps to embrace new strategies for workflow, organization, an-notation and note taking, and documenting learning in CTE classrooms.

Apple Professional Learning: Intro to Develop in Swift Curriculum

Fee: $325

Presenter: Apple Certified Trainer

When you teach code, you’re not only teaching the language of technology. You’re teaching new ways to think and bring ideas to life. Creating apps gives students a way to think about using code to make an impact in the world Develop in Swift is a free comprehensive curriculum that makes it easy to teach coding to students age 14 and up. With teacher guides and lessons, you’ll have all the tools you need to inspire students to create and innovate with Swift, Apple’s powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-learn programming language. Develop in Swift is great for teaching students who are new to coding as well as for advancing those with previous experience. This session will be focused on gaining hands-on experience with Swift, Xcode, and the Develop in Swift curriculum. Session is Mac based. Participants should have relevant experience with at least one object-oriented programming language (Swift, C+, Java, Python, Javascript, etc).