Virtual Presentation Details:

  • For the virtual component of CTAT’s hybrid conference this summer, we are asking our presenters to also submit a recorded presentation for the virtual attendees as well as present in person. 

  • Recorded sessions will be no more than 30 minutes in length.

  • Use any recording platform you prefer (Zoom, PowerPoint, Google Slides) and any combination of content formats you prefer (slideshow with voiceover or webcam, screen recording with voiceover or webcam).

  • Save your video file in MP4 HD (1080p or 780p) format.


Live Presentation Details:

  • Live sessions will be 45 minutes in length and the presentation room will be available 15 minutes prior to the session for set up.

  • All presentation rooms may be set theater style.

  • All presentation rooms will be equipped with a projection screen and LCD projector.  Microphones will be included in select rooms based on room capacity.

  • Laptops are not provided.

  • Presenters are not required to register for the conference if they choose only to present.  However, if presenters attend any other conference activities outside of their presentation (i.e. other sessions, general sessions, exhibit area, etc.), we ask that they register at the appropriate rate.


Review of Proposals

The Lead Presenter will be the primary contact. Conference organizers will review submissions. Notice of acceptance/regrets will be sent to the lead presenter in May 2022.

Note to Exhibitors

An exhibitor contract with sponsorship at the appropriate level must accompany the submission form in order to be eligible for a presentation session.  There are a limited number of presentation slots for the conference and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  An exhibitor presentation submission will not be accepted without an accompanying exhibitor contract with sponsorship above the basic level.


CTAT Exhibitor Application coming soon.

Professional Presentation